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  1. Go to to click on Start a Campaign on the top right corner.
    • Either login using your Facebook account or create one with your email address.
  2. To confirm and validate your account, you will need a mobile phone number.
  3. Make sure that you complete all the required fields.
  4. Tell your story and share it with your families and friends.
  5. Collect your money.
The entire process should not be taken you more than 5 minutes if you have everything planned and ready.  Setting up an account doesn't cost you a penny.

Friday, September 29, 2017

How does the EZsamaritan online auction work?

How does the EZsamaritan online auction work for a fundraiser?
To create an online auction, follow these five simple steps:

  1. Create your campaign at  All campaigns can receive cash donations.  Set the auction option to “on” in the campaign setting.
  2. Potential donors will click a link to offer to donate items to your auction.
  3. Review the donor’s offer, including any special auction terms or reserves.  Once you’ve agreed on the terms, upload images, video, item description, shipping terms, etc. to the auction site.
  4. Once the auction is ended, an invoice is sent to the successful bidder.  After payment is received, the campaign fundraiser requests the donor to ship the item to the successful bidder.  The fundraiser confirms the item was received by the auction winner.
  5. Auction proceeds are available for disbursement according to the campaign settings.


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